Pur Elegance


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The Naples Picasso “Pure Elegance” rose, orchids, and hydrangea floral arrangement is a unique and stunning display that combines the timeless elegance of roses and Hydrangeas with the delicate beauty of orchids. This arrangement is perfect for those who appreciate beauty and refinement and want to make a statement with their gift.

Our floral artists carefully select the most exquisite roses, hydrangeas, and orchids available, ensuring that each bloom is fresh, fragrant, and stunningly beautiful. The delicate beauty of the orchids is perfectly complemented by the classic elegance of the roses, creating a stunning and harmonious display that is both unique and timeless.

The Naples Picasso arrangement is expertly crafted to create a sense of luxury and sophistication, using only the most premium vases, containers, and other decorative elements.
Whether you’re looking to send a gift for a special occasion or simply treat yourself to a beautiful display of flowers, “Pure Elegance” floral arrangement is the perfect choice. Trust Naples Picasso to create a unique and memorable display that will delight anyone who receives it, and convey your message of pure elegance.

Due to seasonal availability, flowers can be different, could have a different size or color. The Vase on the Picture can be different.

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